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Name:Eve Aidensdottir-Solo
Birthdate:Apr 17
Location:Denver, Colorado, United States of America
Hello there, my name's Eve Aidensdottir-Solo, I'm married (or soon to be) to Jacen Solo (who is not a Darth of any kind, thanks very much), have seven kids (darn my genetics, through two pregnancies) with him, am being (re)trained in the ways of the Jedi, am the second daughter of Aiden Lokison and his deceased wife Carolina, have a twin brother named Adam, am half Fire-Jotun and half Angel-otherkin (my Ma was human in body but angel in soul) and therefore a pyrokinetic impish little fucker, and apparently take most strongly after my Grandma Ta'eris, according to my dad, so take that as you will. ^_^ I'm also a frequent fronter in the Rhiannon Network, so if you don't like them or their main, you probably won't like me too much...she's family, yo, and so are they.

Need to know more, and you'll be disappointed, because srsly that's most of the public info that exists on me. I'm perfectly willing to be chatty with random people, but I reserve the right to say no to a request to add for any reason, from "you creep me out for some reason, sorry" to "you fucked over my family, fuck you and your little dog, and go back to Oz". ^_^

Interests (67):

alternate realities, bad dancing, being a complete sap, being completely ridiculous, being with the husband, birds, boogying, butt dancing, cats, celtic, comics, coruscant club music, dad's remixes, dancing, disney, dogs, drumming, dubstep, electronic, emotive music, fantasy, filk, fire jotuns, geeking, gigglefit, graphic novels, historical fiction, historical non-fiction, humor, imping around, indiana jones series, irish, j.r.r. tolkien, jacen-ese, jotunbok, kids movies, lightsabers, loki, lord of the rings trilogy, making stuff out of spare parts, music that has meaning, mythology, norse mythology, other worlds, people who know how to take jokes, playing with kids, poisonous things, psychic stuff, puppy the crystal snake, puppy's babies, pyrokinesis, rock, sarcasm, sci-fi, senses of humor, singing, space travel, star wars series, techno, techy stuff, telekinesis, telepathy, the force, trance drumming, trance music, trollface, various animals
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